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Welcome to Patch Central. This is a virtual collection of many of my patches. There aren't very many but I hope you will enjoy them.

To take a look at the patches go to the Patches section.

If you are looking to trade patches go to the Trader's Message Board. It has a message board where you can post what patches you want to trade.

If you don't find what your looking for here check out the Links section for more patch pages.

I am not an active trader so please don't ask me to trade patches. Sorry.


9/3/2000 Major update! I finnaly got around to updating the site and I gave it a makeover! Here's a list of what I changed:
  • Gave the site a new look! I think it looks a lot cleaner.
  • Changed the message board. I got a new, cool message board that looks a TON better and you can reply to posts and all kinds of stuff. Check it out!
  • Made the patch thumbnails look better and load faster.
  • Added 4 new patches in the OA section.(I know it's not a lot but hey, I'm pretty busy)
  • Added some links.
  • Removed the guestbook and (for a while now) the chatroom. They weren't doing very well.

And that's it! I hope you like the changes!

Last Updated February 28, 2003

This is an unofficial BSA site.
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